Connector Range


Commswest Distribution are proud to announce their own range of RF coaxial connectors, ready for distribution in Western Australia.

The range includes BNC, N-Type, TNC, SMA, FME, 7/16 DIN, UHF and Mini UHF.  They are available to suit a range of cables that include RG58, RG59, RG213, SPUMA-400 and RG174.

We also have a small range of between series and inter-series adapters.

For customers looking for connectors to suit RG223/RG400, we have a crimp sleeve that can be purchased separately to enable and standard RG58 connector to fit easily.

Most connector housings are nickel plated with some exceptions of gold plating.  All pins are gold plated.

All connectors are individually packed.

For further information on the range of connectors, please have a look at the page located HERE.