Commswest Distribution are now stocking the following connector accessories:

Part Number Description Suits
CS223 Crimp Sleeve – Nickel Plated RG223/400 Cable
CS223-GP Crimp Sleeve – Gold Plated RG223/400 Cable
FB58-BLACK Flexi Boot / Strain Relief RG58 Cable
FB59-BLACK Flexi Boot / Strain Relief RG59/LMR240/SPUMA-240 Cable
BNCF-CAP BNC Cap with chain BNC Female Connectors
NF-CAP N Cap with chain N Female Connectors
SMAF-CAP SMA Cap with chain SMA Female Connectors
TNCF-CAP TNC Cap with chain TNC Female Connectors

NB: Our range of accessories will be increased as does the demand. This range is current as of 28/03/2024. Please come back for again for further updates. If you have a requirement for particular accessories to be carried as a stock item in Western Australia, please Contact Us.