According UL FCC (part 15.203) regulations, wireless radio equipment with removable antenna must not have a standardised
interface. This to avoid the connection of antenna equipment which is not WLAN approved.  An established solution are the so called reverse polarity connectors. That means, the male connector is fitted with female centre contact and insulator, whereas the female side is fitted with male centre contact and insulator.

Commswest Distribution can provide:

  • Reverse polarity connectors TNC
  • Reverse polarity connectors SMA
  • Reverse polarity adaptors

Commswest Distribution have a large range of HUBER+SUHNER reverse polarity connectors and adapters.  The connectors pictured below are only a small example of what is available.  Please Contact Us with your requirements so we can recommend the suitable connector.

For any further technical information or datasheets on this range of connectors, please Contact Us.

tnc-rpReverse Polarity TNC Straight Male Connector

tnc-rp-fReverse Polarity TNC Straight Jack (female) Connector

sma-m-rpReverse Polarity SMA Straight Male Connector

sma-f-rpReverse Polarity Straight Jack (female) Connector

sma-rp-sma-fReverse Polarity Male to Standard SMA Jack (female) Adapter