HUBER+SUHNER offers a range of different fiber optic cables, that are used in various applications.

  • On ships and offshore platforms
  • On railway infrastructures
  • In machinery and automation
  • In homes FTTH/FITH
  • In office buildings/LAN
  • Cables for antennas (FTTA)
  • In wind turbines and wind farms
  • In technical building, power plants and power transmission stations
  • For mining and construction sites
  • In mobile vehicles and equipment
  • In central offices, data center

Benefits of fiber optics

The fiber optic is proved technique for data transmission and offers many advantages compared to copper. The main features are:

  • Small loss for long-distance transmission
  • Unlimited data volume mainly limited by the electronic of the active equipment
  • Lightweight ideal for mobile systems
  • Small dimensions cable with 144 fibers is only Ø 15 mm
  • No electrical conductivity no potential and lightning problems; no interference of the transmission by electrical fields

Application of fiber types

The required fiber type depends on the used active equipment (transceiver), that defines the possible transmission
distance and data rate.



The cables are designed and tested extensively for highest load, so that they guarantee a secure data transmission in the particular application.

The main properties are:

  • High quality fibers for best data transmission qualities
  • Adequate fiber coating for highest thermal and mechanical load
  • Good to strip for fast and easy installation
  • Suitable interface to connectors for functionally secure assemblies und cable systems
  • Glass or steel armoured cables prevent damage caused by rodents
  • Halogen free materials no toxic gases in case of a fire
  • LSFH™ materials highest safety in case of fire
  • Metal free cables no earthing required (except metal armoured types)

Cable construction

Cables are basically designed in two different ways:

  • Single-coated fibers:
    indoor or special cables
    → for direct connector termination as single, duplex or multi-fiber patchcord (SMARTLINE)
  • Multi-fiber loose tubes (typically 12 fibers in one tube):
    for multi-fiber cables indoors and outdoors
    → for splicing or as pre-terminated cable system (MASTERLINE)

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