Careful selection of the most suitable protection technology is crucial for the effective protection with long term reliability.  That is why Commswest recommend the HUBER+SUHNER range of lightning protection.  They offer a large variety of protection technologies/solutions for radio frequency, microwave, data line and DC/AC applications.

Gas discharge tube protectors

For applications with RF and DC components on the antenna line the standard GDT lightning / EMP protectors feature DC continuity and large bandwidth. Most HUBER+SUHNER GDT protector designs are performing excellent in the NEMP application as well. For specific applications internally DC-blocked GDT protectors are also available.


  • Frequency range DC to 3 GHz or 6 GHz
  • Configuration: N female/female & N male/female
  • Excellent RF performance
  • 30 W CW or 140 W CW power rating
  • Maximum discharge current 20 kA
  • O-ring sealed to pannel (mounting bracket option available)
  • Easy to install

These SurgeShield Connectors (SSC) are gas discharged tube (GDT) surge protective devices designed to protect information and communication systems from surge voltage caused by lightning. The IP68 rating makes it useable for any outdoor application.

The image of the SSC below are supplied with a fix installed and non replaceable GDT of 150 V static spark-over voltage.


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The image of the SSC below are supplied together with an inserted GDT of 230 V static spark-over voltage.


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