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87.5-108MHz Side Mount Dipole, High Power. Stainless Steel

High power stainless steel FM band side mount dipole


Sidemount dipoles are an ideal choice for use as an FM radio broadcast antenna. They are of reliable construction, cover a broad bandwidth and permit single antenna sharing with multiple FM transmit frequencies.

Mounting hardware, coaxial feeder cable, connectors and other installation accessories are all available separately.

Specifications B46B B46BSS B46BHPSS
Construction Aluminium 304 grade stainless steel
Frequency range FM Radio 87.5-108MHz
Bandwidth Full band Specify 10MHz
Tuning Factory
VSWR <1.3:1 full band <1.2:1 at specified 10MHz
Gain 0 dBd for a single bay, stacking increases gain
Polarisation Vertical
Impedance 50 Ohms
Cable tail 1.5 metres RG213 1.5 metres ZCG1250
Connector - fitted N-type female 7/16” DIN female
Maximum power 500 Watts per bay 2 Kilowatts per bay
DC grounding Yes
Dipole height 1.4 metres
Weight 3.5kg 5.0kg 5.0kg
Projected area 0.090m² 0.090m² 0.090m²
Mount section 1.5m x 38mm 1.5m x 38mm 1.5m x 38mm
Wind load at 160kph 10.875kg, 0.107kN
Mounting hardware
(order separate)
1 x Y2300 1 x Y2300-SS
Warranty 2 Years