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136-175MHz Fibreglass 3dBd Omni Colinear

136-175MHz 3dBd Gain Colinear


The CL3-3 is an omni-directional 3dBd gain collinear antenna with all welded internal elements which minimise the generation of intermodulation and spurious products. Through the use of internal DC grounding and radiating elements enclosed in a heavy duty fibreglass radome, the effects of precipitation static and lightning are reduced. The radome is bonded to a marine grade stainless steel mounting tube.

Specify frequency when ordering.


Frequency 136 – 175 MHz (specify)
Bandwidth at VSWR 1.5:1 6% or approx. 10 MHz
VSWR over operating range Less than 1.5:1
Nominal Impedance 50 Ohm
Termination 800mm RG213 Cable tail to N type female
Power Rating 100 Watts
Polarization Vertical
Gain 3dBd
Approx. Weight 3.1 Kg
Approx. Length (frequency dependant) 2900mm
Mounting 450mm x 38mm Ø Mount
Construction Marine grade Stainless Steel Mount Tube
Heavy Duty Fibreglass Radome
Fully Welded Internal Aluminium Elements
Wind Loading at 160Kph 7.5 Kg
Protection DC grounding
-3dBd Beam-width H Plane Omnidirectional + 0.5dB
-3dBd Beam-width E Plane 32°
Suggested Mounting Clamp BR-HDP2-GV