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High Vibration Omni-Directional LTE Antenna

High Vibration Foam-Filled Omni-Directional LTE Antenna

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High Vibration Foam-filled Omni-Directional Antenna 694-960 MHz & 1700-2700 MHz

  • 2-3 dBi antenna provides uniform omni coverage
  • Mounting kit includes all hardware needed

The OD Series Antennas are optimized for use in 3G cellular, 4G LTE, and LTE plus systems using the 694-960 MHz and
1700-2700 MHz bands.

These antennas can be used for access point or customer premise equipment (CPE) units. Their omni-directional coverage
makes installation simpler because they are easier to align with other antennas in the wireless network.

Using the latest PCB technology, these antennas improve high-speed broadband system performance. This design
maintains an omni pattern in the horizontal plane.

The OD Series are free space antennas; no ground plane is required.

The antennas can be directly outfitted with coax cable so no additional jumpers are required. A variety of connectors can
be used for the final termination.

The fiberglass radome (1” diameter/25 mm) makes the antennas durable and rugged. They can withstand the harshest
environments of snow, wind, rain and ice.

The OD Series Antennas at 694-960 MHz and 1700-2700 Mhz are available in black.

The feed assembly is made of precision machined aluminum components and is irridited for weather protection.

The OD Series Antennas are supplied with all the hardware needed to install them to a mast. The OD antennas normally
terminate with a female N connector.

Frequency 694-960 MHz 1700-2700 MHz
Gain 2 dBi 3 dBi
VSWR <2:1
Nominal Impedance 50 ohms
Max. Power (continuous) 10 Watts
Vertical Beamwidth 60 degrees 50 degrees
Wind Survivability 161 kph minimum
with 12.7 mm radial ice
Lightning Protection DC shorted External
Connector N-Type Female
Antenna Diameter 25mm, main mast
Length 44.4cm
Weight 1.13kg
Mounting Kit Mast mount kit included
Mounting Dimensions Mounts to mast up to 6.3 cm
Operating Temp -40° to +80° C
Material Fiberglass radome with
aluminum body
Water Ingress IPx5
Shock & Vibration EN 300 019-2-4, IEC 60068
MOD2 Option Foam Filled