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Fibre Optic Rack Enclosure

1RU 24F SC SM Loaded SS Rodent Enclosure+CTray

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1RU 24F SC SM Loaded SS Rodent Enclosure+CTray

These enclosures are perfectly suited for communications racks where incoming cable movement in sliding enclosures becomes problematic. AFC Static Sliding (SS) enclosures cater for a variety of cable types including loose
tube and tight buffered cables. The range has various sizes, density and panel arrangements available to suit a variety of applications.


  • Fusion splicing of loose tube or tight buffer cables
  • Direct termination of tight buffer cables
  • Low volume through to high density applications
  • AFC SD MTP® Cassettes
  • Ideal for highly populated telecoms racks

Features & Benefits:

  • Modular apertures to suitAFC flat or angled panelsfor various connector types, modes and densities
  • Unique cable management system keeps the incoming cable fixed in place whilst ensuring fibre radius is maintained
  • Internal fibre clips for managing incoming cables and terminated fibres
  • Slotted rear cable entry brackets allow for efficient fixing of one or multiple incoming cables
  • Double extendable ball bearing slide rails allow for smooth sliding tray mechanism and to provide maximum internal access
  • Silkscreen panel locaters for ease of fibre identification
  • A range of alternate faceplates available for higher density applications
  • Rodent proofing kits for single or multiple cable entry configurations to ensure network integrity in rodent prone areas
  • Multiple cable entry configurations available to suit a range of cable types and arrangements
Description 1RU 2 panel modular static
sliding enclosure
2RU 4 panel modular static
sliding enclosure
3RU 8 panel modular static sliding enclosure
Dimensions (mm) (w) x (d) x (h) 433 x 330 x 44 433 x 330 x 88 433 x 365 x 132
Weight (kg) 4.4 5.8 6.8
Max modular front panels 2 horizontal 4 horizontal 8 horizontal
Max fibre count utilising AFC
coupler panels
24 ST, FC, SC & 48 LC 48 ST, FC, SC & 96 LC 96 ST, FC, SC & 192 LC
Max splice capacity
(single stacked/double stacked)
36/72 72/144 144/288
High density simplex SC/duplex
LC faceplates available
36 port angled
48 port flat
72 port angled
96 port flat
12 panel vertical
(144 port max)
Material and colour Powdercoated 1.6mm steel – Charcoal Grey
Accessory Kit Standard accessory kit includes: cable management clips, strain relief post, cable ties, fixing bolts and nuts, Velcro strap and connection record sheet