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RF-over-Fiber Optic Link – 12 Channel

Analog Fiber Optic Link RF-over-Fiber – 12 Channel.

Handles RF Analogue, Digital & TETRA.


RF-over-Fiber Optic Link – 12 Channel

The RF-over-Fiber Module (RFoF6 – 5GHz) converts RF signals into Fiber signals; and also converts Fiber signals to RF signals. The module offers a wide frequency range up to 5 GHz, with excellent stability, frequency jitter and phase noise performance. Rapidly growing use in within communications systems, defence systems, test environments and other high-tech niches.

A separate Tx & Rx module is required for this solution.


  • Wide bandwidth from 10 MHz to 5 GHz
  • No external control circuits required
  • Analog Signal to Optical convert and back
  • Handles RF Anologue, Digital & TETRA


  • within communication systems
  • radar applications
  • test environments

Potential Applications:

  • Aerospace+Defense applications such as a variety of radar systems, naval systems, UAV’s & airframe cable systems for aeroplanes and helicopters.
  • Specialised Test environments.
  • Offshore applications such as communications systems on rigs.
  • Distributed Antennas Systems (DAS).
  • Customised – Delay Lines.

Additional Information

  • All modules are RoHS Compliant.
  • All modules are EMV protected.
  • Various racks and enclosures available.
  • No MIL Standard with standard module. MIL and other certifications are possible upon request.
    (A qualification fee will apply to any certifications.)
  • All modules are single packaged.



Electrical Parameters

Value Remarks
Min. Typ. Max.
All specifications at 25°C case Temperature T c , unless otherwise specified
Frequency Range MHz 10 5'000 Higher frequencies available upon request.
Gain dB 1 3 10
Gain flatness dB 5
Noise figure dB 25
Spurious-free dynamic range dB Hz²´³ 80
Max. Input at 1dB compression dBm +10
Max. Input power for no damage dBm +15
Supply voltage VS VDC + 9 + 12 + 15 1600 mA
Temperature range (OTR) operating °C -20 + 50
Temperature range (OTR) storage °C -40 +80
RF Input Impendence ohm 50
Module Mass g 2.5 Kg
Module Dimensions mm 482.6 x 286 x 43.65
RF Connectors QMA / SMA female Alternative connectors possible.


Optical Parameters

Value Remarks
Min. Typ. Max.
All specifications at 25°C case Temperature T c , unless otherwise specified
Fiber optic connectors Q-ODC 12 Alternative connectors possible.
Fiber Single mode fiber 9/125um
Fiber power loss dB/Km 0.4
Optical power in fiber mW 3 6 10
Side mode suppression ratio dB 30 40


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