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824-930MHz Aluminium Yagi LTE – 9 Element

824-930 MHz Aluminium Yagi – 9 Element

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The Y89 (Aluminium) is a 12dBd (14.2dBi) gain, 9 element LTE yagi antenna. It covers the entire range from 824 MHz to 930 MHz. It is supplied with a standard boom length and is DC grounded and fully welded for lightning protection and noise reduction.

Whilst the installation of our LTE yagi is normally a straight forward exercise, the following guide lines are to ensure that the maximum reliable service life is obtained whether aligned for Horizontal or Vertical polarization.

  1. The yagi cable tail is a critical length and should never be changed. If the cable or connector sustain any damage we recommend that the yagi be returned to JBA Antennas for repair.
  2. After connection of the feedline to yagi we recommend using self-vulcanizing tape to seal the coaxial connectors against the ingress of moisture.
  3. When mounting the yagi for Vertical Polarization it is important to ensure the condensation drain hole in one end of the yagi dipole element is facing down.
  4. When mounting a yagi for Horizontal Polarization the dipole mounting block should face down as condensation drainage is via the coaxial cable entry hole.




Frequency 824 – 930 MHz (entire range)
VSWR over operating range Less than 1.5:1
Nominal Impedance 50 Ohm
Termination Cable tail to N type female
Power Rating 50 Watts
Forward Gain 12dBd (14.2dBi)
Approx. Weight 0.7 Kg
Approx. Length 1050 mm
Mounting 25 Ø Boom diameter
Construction 6000 Series Aluminium powder coated
Wind Loading at 160Kph 3.9 Kg
Protection DC grounding
Phasing Harness Availability 2 way, 3 way & 4 way
Front to Back ratio 16dBd
-3dBd Beam-width H Plane 44 degrees
-3dBd Beam-width E Plane 36 degrees