ROGER GPS Repeaters

Commswest Distribution is proud to announce a new range of GPS Repeaters manufactured in Finland by Roger-GPS, which are now available in Australia.

Roger GNSS repeaters offer you uninterrupted satellite service inside buildings, tunnels, shops and in vehicles.

Each ROGER™ GPS repeater is capable of transmitting the GPS signal over an area of about 1000 square meters and distance up to 50 meters from the repeater center. If necessary, the area can be extended by adding additional repeater units, all connected to the same external antenna, using a signal splitter and line amplifier. Every repeater unit is supplied with a main power supply unit.

Key Features

  • Automatic gain limitation
  • Oscillation prevention with indicator
  • Maximal coverage for CE approved repeater
  • Instant GPS fix when moving outdoors
  • Full product family with repeaters, amplifiers and splitters
  • Internal transmit antenna

Current Products Available