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Mini DC Circuit Breaker

GE Mini DC Circuit Breaker. 2 pole, 2amp.

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GE Mini DC Circuit Breaker. 2 pole, 2amp.

MCB DIN-rail
Miniature circuit breaker EP100UC 2P 2A C

Safe and reliable

  • Clear print
  • High degree of insulation IP20
  • Padlocking toggle
  • Sealed terminals

User friendly Multifunctional

  • Motor operator : same device left and right assembly
  • Common device for all products
  • Shunt tripo and under voltage relay
  • Auxiliaries

Easy to install

  • >Different connection techniques
  • High torque performance 4.5 Nm
  • High capacity terminals 35mm²
Family Circuit protection
In (A) 2
Number of poles 2P
Number of modules 2
Curve Type C (5-10 In)
Short-circuit capacity (kA) 6
Group ElfaPlus
Range Commercial - Industrial
Switch EP100 UC : 6kA - AC/DC
Connections- Top Screw
Connections- Bottom Screw
Standards 10kA industrial BS EN 60947-2;6kA domestic BS EN 60898
Approvals CE;VDE
Rated voltage 230 V / 400 V
Selectivity class 3
Terminal capacity max (mm²) 25-35 mm²
Electrical service life 20000/1000
Minimum operating voltage Ubmin (V) 12 V
Operating temperature -25°C / 55°C
Terminal capacity min (mm²) 0.75 / 1 mm²
Tropicalisation 95%RH at 55°C
Standard packing 6
EAN13 5413656733195
Weight 0.25 kg