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Low Loss RG58, 100mtr Roll

RG58 Low Loss Cable, 100mtr Roll. Solid Centre Conductor with Aluminium Foil. Equivalent to LMR195.

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RG58 Low Loss Cable, 100mtr Roll. Solid Centre Conductor with Aluminium Foil. Equivalent to LMR195.

Flexible RG58A/U Low Loss coaxial cable equal to LMR®195 and Cellfoil.

RG58 is often used for low-power signal and RF connections with an impedance of 50 Ω. There are several versions with differences in core material (solid or braided wire) and shield (70% to 95% coverage).

Most two-way radio communication systems, such as marine, CB radio, amateur, police, fire, mining, WLAN antennas etc., are
designed to work with a 50 Ω cable. It is commonly used on mobile antennas in vehicles to the radio due to its flexibility and small diameter enabling it to fit through tight areas. This cable can also be used on short to medium runs for other antennas such as base station, but attenuation figures should be checked for desired losses.

RG58A/U cable can be used from low to moderately high frequencies. Its signal attenuation depends on the frequency as outlined in the attenuation chart.

Features and benefits:

  • Extremely Low Loss RG58 coaxial cable, at a low price
  • Halogen free and flame retardant cable types available on request
  • Excellent return loss performance and attenuation

Download Product Specifications RG58C/U MIL-C-17

Mechanical Characteristics

Construction 19AWG (1/1.00mm)
Material Solid Bare Copper Wire

Material Gas Injected Foamed Polyethylene
Thickness 0.90mm Nom.
Outside Diameter 2.80 ± 0.10mm
Colour Natural

Foil Adhesive AL-MYLAR tape wrapped longitudinally on the cable, AL-foil facing outward with 100% coverage.
Braid 16/7/0.127mm Tinned Copper Wires with 95% coverage min.

Material PVC (RoHS)
Thickness 0.78mm Nom.
Outside Diameter 4.95 ± 0.20mm
Colour Black

Electrical Characteristics

Impedance 50 ± 2 Ω
Capacitance 82 pF/M Nom.
Velocity of Propagation 81% Nom.
Dielectric Strength 1.0 KV(AC) / 1 min. Min.


(as per 100mtrs) Nom.
MHz 1 10 50 100 200 400 700 900 1000
dB 1.2 3.8 8.5 12 17.1 24.3 32.4 36.9 39
Datasheet pdf