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Galvanised Antenna Clamp. Parallel, Heavy Duty

Heavy duty parallel bracket. Galvanised

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The BR-HDP2-GV (Galvanised) is an extra heavy duty parallel mount bracket. It is constructed using 6mm thick steel plates which are hot dip galvanised for durability and rust protection. It comes supplied with hot dip galvanised nuts, washers and thread lengths of 190mm. This bracket will suit most support poles up to 80mm diameter. The nuts located in the bracket’s centre enables the bracket to be affixed in position whilst the opposing outer clamp can remain loose, making for easier installations.

This bracket is suitable for clamping heavy antennas or poles onto another pole or mast in parallel, either vertical to vertical or horizontal to horizontal

The V shape of the clamping plates provides extra support for the antenna or pole thus reducing twisting torsion and movement.





CONSTRUCTION Hot Dip Galvanised Steel
Clamping Plate Dimensions 145mm x 65mm x 6mm Thick Galvanised Steel
Bolt Lengths 190mm M12 Galvanised Steel Threaded Rod
Clamping Orientation Parallel
Min Clamping Dimensions 20mm Ø x 25mm Ø
Max Clamping Dimensions 80mm Ø x 70mm Ø
Clearance Between Bolts 85mm
Max Clamping Torques : 70 Nm @ 40mm Stainless Steel Boom or
50 Nm @ 40mm Aluminium Boom
Approx. Weight 2.2 Kg