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380-520MHz 2-Stack Aluminium Dipole Array

380-520MHz 2-Stack Aluminium Dipole Array


The SM42 (Aluminium) is a 6dBd gain 2 stack folded dipole antenna array. Mounted on a 50mm Ø support pole with all antennas in the array at ¼ wave antenna to mast spacing producing a cardioid radiation pattern. All coaxial cabling, including phasing harness, running internally inside support pole thus reducing any damage resulting from otherwise exposed cabling.

The antenna array is DC grounded for lightning protection and is vertically polarised.




Frequency 380 – 520 MHz (entire range)
VSWR over operating range Less than 1.5:1
Nominal Impedance 50 Ohm
Termination 800mm RG213 Cable tail to N type female
Power Rating 250 Watts
Gain 6 dBd in direction of elements from the mounting pole
H Plane 220 deg Cardioid as typical of sidemounted dipole elements (¼ wavelength spacing)
E Plane 36 deg at -3dB points
Approx. Weight 3.4kg
Mounting 1500mm vertical support pole x 50mm Ø
Construction 6000 Series Aluminium powder coated
Wind Loading at 160Kph 11.1 Kg
Protection DC grounding via folded dipole element construction
and by the phasing harness being run internally of mounting tube
Phasing Harness Internal 2 way
Suggested Mounting Clamp BR-HDP2-GV or if mounting on a horizontal boom (outrigger) BR-HDR2-GV