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UHF Glass Mount Antenna 406-535MHz

UHF Glass Mount Antenna 406-535MHz, Unity Gain

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“On-Glass” Unity Gain Window Mount Antenna with 4.5mtrs of RG58 and Mini-UHF connector

These antennas feature patented “On-Glass” technology that permits RF transmission and reception through glass. They utilize patented mounting that permits installation without holes, providing a complete seal against moisture and long lasting holding power.


  • Unique – patented “On-Glass” technology transmits and receives through glass
  • In-built tuner which allows for wide band frequency coverage
  • Efficient – mounting method allows no-hole installation in minutes, with long-lasting holding power
  • Weather Proof – water cannot enter vehicle through gasket failure or cable channels
  • Effective – mounts high in the vehicle for optimal omnidirectional coverage
  • Convenient – whip is easily adjustable to vertical position
  • Disguise cellular look-alike models available for covert public safety applications
Power 50 Watts
Normal Impedance 50 ohms
VSWR < 1.5:1
Radiator Material Stainless steel, black finish with stainless steel whip encapsulated
Coax Cable (included) 15 ft RG-58/U
Required Mounting Footprint 1.75” square
Coupling Unit DC grounded, shunt-fed
Mounting Method “On-Glass” mount with black finish and stainless steel hardware and plastic ABS cover