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380-520MHz Stainless Steel Side Mount Dipole

380-520MHz Side Mount Dipole S/S


The SM4S (Stainless Steel) is a unity gain broad band base folded dipole antenna. It covers the entire range from 400 MHz to 520 MHz. It is supplied with a standard boom length to facilitate ¼ wave antenna to mast spacing. The dimension is taken from the centreline of the dipole element to the mast face.

The antenna array is DC grounded for lightning protection and is vertically polarised and can be stacked in different configurations to give desired gain and field patterns.




Frequency 380 – 520 MHz (entire range)
VSWR over operating range Less than 1.5:1
Nominal Impedance 50 Ohm
Termination 400mm RG213 Cable tail to N type female
Power Rating 250 Watts
Approx. Weight 1Kg Stainless Steel
Mounting 350mm horizontal boom x 32 Ø
Construction Marine grade Stainless Steel
Wind Loading at 160Kph 2.9 Kg
Protection DC grounding via folded dipole element construction
Phasing Harness Availability 2 way, 3 way & 4 way
Suggested Mounting Clamp BR-RAB-S